Precision in Official & Legal Translation

Official and legal translation is a nuanced craft, expertly weaving language and law. This realm encompasses the translation of texts crucial to legal matters, including Certificates of Accuracy, Witness Statements, Depositions of Trust, Wills, and Articles of Incorporation.

Unveiling the Essence of Each Document

Each legal document is a unique entity, and at Randa Translation, we dedicate ourselves to understanding its intricacies. Our approach involves meticulous legal analysis, ensuring all procedural and evidentiary rights are upheld, resulting in a translation that’s not just precise, but profoundly detailed.

The Demands of Legal Translation

Legal and official translation is a specialized field, reserved for those with the acumen and expertise required. A legal translator and interpreter must possess:

  • Profound knowledge of the legal systems of both countries involved.
  • Mastery over both the source and target languages.
  • A robust grasp of legal translation methodologies.
  • Our legal translators and interpreters often consult bilingual or multilingual law lexicons to ensure accuracy.

Broad Application, Precise Execution

Legal translation services span industries, from technology and media to finance, life sciences, and manufacturing. We leverage cutting-edge software and dictionaries, employing specific document-related glossaries for cross-consistency across all discovery platforms.

Our Accreditations and Expertise

  • We hold accreditation from foreign embassies in Lebanon, ensuring our legal certifications hold global recognition.
  • Our experience extends deeply into translating approved legal documents, fostering a profound understanding of the intricacies.
  • We deliver both precise legal and linguistic localization, ensuring your message resonates accurately.
  • Our proficiency extends to E-Discovery services, expertly identifying, collecting, and storing multilingual electronic information.

At Randa Translation, we are your partners in navigating the complex intersection of language and law. Our commitment to excellence and precision elevates every legal translation, ensuring your message is conveyed faithfully across borders and legal systems.

Navigating Legal Translation with Randa Translation

At Randa Translation, our legal translation services encompass a wide spectrum, addressing the intricate demands of international litigation, patents, antitrust matters, mergers and acquisitions, arbitrations, and more.

Precision in Every Document

Our approach is not just about translation; it’s about offering cost-effective solutions that ensure only the most relevant documents are translated. This mindful approach saves you time, resources, and ensures the focus remains squarely on the heart of the legal matter.

Expertise in Complex Cases

With a team of linguists who carry a wealth of experience in handling large and complex cases, we’re equipped to tackle the most intricate legal texts. Our linguists understand the nuances of legal language, ensuring accuracy and clarity in every translation.

A Pool of Certified Translators

Our strength lies in our team of experienced certified translators. They bring a deep understanding of both legal terminologies and linguistic nuances to the table, ensuring your legal documents are not only accurately translated but also retain their legal integrity.

At Randa Translation, we are committed to bridging language gaps in the legal arena. Our comprehensive approach, seasoned linguists, and legal project management expertise make us your partner in delivering precise and effective legal translations.

Government-Certified Translators at Your Service

At Randa Translation, our team is composed of translators who hold government certifications, a testament to their exceptional linguistic aptitude and professional prowess. The majority of our translators boast degrees not only in the translation profession but also in specialized fields of knowledge.

Elevating Translation with Legalization

To further enhance the authenticity and credibility of our translations, we offer an exceptional service—Legalization. This service encompasses the necessary steps to validate translations before all competent authorities. We ensure your documents bear the seal of legitimacy, empowering them with global recognition and acceptance.